Monday, 23 September 2013

In which I set up a new blog

Apologies for the light blogging at the moment - I am preparing for some notoriously nasty professional exams and don't have a vast amount of spare time.

I hope to update in full once the exams are out of the way (in October), but I can briefly say that the aftershocks of my little letter have continued to some extent - the now-notorious interview formed the subject of Opera magazine's September issue editorial, and I was invited onto BBC Radio 4's Feedback programme to talk about it.  Only about 5 minutes of my interview were used, but I think the clip which was used is a fair summary of the main points I tried to make.

In an unexpected turn of events, I was also invited to contribute to an issue of Time Out London and so I have written a little bit about London's amateur orchestras, which are something I've been involved with for a few years now.  The issue is released tomorrow (24 September), so please let me know what you think!

A number of people have encouraged me to continue writing, so I have set up another blog with a wider remit than simply writing sarcastic letters to the media.  I hope to keep this blog going whenever something in the news irks me sufficiently - whether about music or otherwise - but in the meantime, please follow my other writings!

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